2nd Year Anniversary Of TheRealB: A Letter From Binal Patel

Two years of a simple vision! Two years of pursuing a passion! Two years of making a dream come true! Two years of togetherness! Two years of prêt-à-porter! Two years of dressing you up! Two years of TheRealB! It feels like a dream, but it's true!

This is not a blog; this is the deepest feelings of the founder of two-year-old prêt-à-porter brand TheRealB, Ms. Binal Patel’s letter to all the people she has met, the people who she has been able to style, and the ones who have been with her in making her realise her biggest dreams.

This blog, written in Ms. Binal Patel's voice, will give you a glimpse into the life of a designer, a fashion business owner, a creative person, a daughter who has seen her father be a successful entrepreneur, an inspired daughter who juggled in the beginning to find her destined path, and a designer who has not only kept her brand alive in the most difficult of times but also set the highest achievable pedestal in her calling.

The blog has design world jargon, so keep your dictionaries handy!

You may get a few goosebumps, and your eyes may flood with tears a few times. So keep your handkerchiefs handy too!

The beginning!

The beginning always comes with a lot of inhibitions, and therefore, I also had a lot of doubts. When embarking on a new journey, doubts are almost always present. Designing an entire collection from scratch seems easier to me than running a business of my own. Never did I ever imagine that I would be able to pull off all of this for two years. The journey has been smoother than I thought. It almost felt like I was designing a clothing piece, and the ideas were flowing in as usual, and I was seeing the design take shape. When I thought I'd done my best and stopped to see the entire design, I was surprised to find that the creation was a masterpiece, and that it was my very own TheRealB.

The journey till now!

When we were launching our first collection, Belladonna, there were mixed feelings in our minds. When we started receiving love from our customers, we knew instantly that we have a long journey ahead of us, and this was obviously the first step in that. We have till now launched 12 collections. Our latest launch, GLITCH T -Shirts is a streetwear t-shirt collection that captures the vibes of Gen Z fashion to the very core.

We were even able to showcase our autumn/winter 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2021 and our spring/summer 2023 collection at New York Fashion Week. If you ask me to express what these two experiences were like, I would say, "It is a moment of "pinch me hard," because it almost felt like a dream to be living those two days! I do not know how the two days passed by so smoothly (although with a lot of heartbeat fluctuations happening, a million butterflies fluttering in my tummy, and a lot of tears that were stopped from spilling beyond the crease of the eyes).

All of these collections have a piece of my heart and a little of Binal. TheRealB is the replication of TheRealBinal and her choice of clothes that she designs, keeping in mind the details that she likes about herself and that all the other women like in their clothing.

How is it going?

It is going great! To be honest, it is going better than I had expected in my best dreams.
The family has grown bigger and stronger like a backstitch. (I can't help but let my inner designer take over.)

Two years of TheRealB and two years of Binal being herself and doing what she loves best—creating designs that reflect the true fashionistas that women are. I am simply a conduit for the fulfilment of the desires of women who want to own designer clothes that they can afford and that are available in their sizes. If today I am able to become that medium for someone to find their true style, then I think I’m doing my job well.

Happy 2!

We have grown two, we have learned too, we have managed the bad and good times together too, we have made you look the most fashionable too.

We are grateful for all the good days, the bad days, and every single day in between. These two years that have passed have given us a lifetime of memories to cherish with you. A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey till now. And to those who are still joining the tribe, welcome to the family!

If you haven’t already checked out all of our collections, go check them out on our The RealB. We are sure you will find something or other for yourself at TheRealB too.