‘Fashion is a living,

breathing thing that tells an enduring love story. I truly believe that our products are only as beautiful as the women who put them on. These women are the actual fabric of TheRealB, the real essence of the brand. At the heart of my work is the sincere desire to imbue wearers with artfulness and audacity.'

The Brand

TheRealB is a curation of exemplary designs that embraces the authenticity of crafts, cloth, colours and culture, catering to the ever-evolving aesthetic of the real confident beauties of our times. A seamless balance of elegance and edgy subsumed into each outfit is at the core of our brand.

Each silhouette, each cut, each hue, each detail, each fabric is chosen to create styles that are a real representation of the bold and bespoke.

The Muse

Bedazzling, Beautiful & Bold

Women in their element can be all this and so much more, and fashion is a powerful tool to express it. We believe that clothes are a true reflection of oneself and a good outfit when paired with your vocal expression can be a badass combination.

With TheRealB we are striving to build distinguished and timeless pieces that are a symbol of self-expression. We want our women to feel confident, empowered and truly oneself in our clothing.

The Philosophy

‘Fashion is the bonafide language of the empowered’

TheRealB is synonymous with the best that there is! A firm believer in elegance, exclusivity and excellence, we assure impeccable quality, remarkable variety & absolute comfort in every piece we make. Ideating offbeat designs, handcrafting each product, packaging with care, labelling with style, and following it up with multiple layers of quality check, we excel at tailoring perfection. Hence every outfit we create for you goes through the entire process, all done in-house.

The Founder

The brainchild of Binal Patel,

TheRealB is a dream turned into reality. Hailing from a renowned family in the Textile Industry, Binal always had a passion for fashion. After graduating in Hospitality Management, she decided to test the waters and dabble in the world of luxury fashion.

To expand her horizon, in 2019, Binal went on to pursue a course in Fashion Designing from the esteemed Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Before she could even realize, her childhood inclination had become her adulthood obsession which birthed TheRealB. Since then, she has adorned countless women with her unmatched designer-wear and established an unparalleled name for herself.