Binal Patel On The Making Of Her Tantalising Collection For PFW A/W 2022

Paris Fashion Week has returned to establish its second half-yearly presence both on the ramp and in our notes.

Different reputed and well-known designers and brands yet again tried to predict and create new trends. Many new designers made their debut at the fashion week. One such designer is Binal Patel, the designer and creative head of the young and upcoming brand, TheRealB.

Take a look at the backdrops where she reveals her inspiration for designing outfits for one of the biggest and most well-known Paris Fashion Week's Autumn Winter 2022 ramp walk.

The Invitation

How can one keep calm when an opportunity this big has knocked on your door? Well, nobody can! Binal was also pleased with herself when she got this opportunity. Quoting her, "When Flying Solo approached us to be a part of Paris Fashion Week, there was an ecstatic feeling that has given wings to my entire team, who have been supporting me from day one and have been through the highs and lows! It is literally a real-life example of "a dream come true." And I am quite proud of myself and my team that all our efforts are really going to make it big for India. "

The joy of getting an invite to Paris Fashion Week for Binal can be imagined and visualised as similar to the joy of Cinderella when she got an invite to the Royal Ball at the Palace. But somewhere amidst the jumping and happy screaming, the realisation hit our Cinderella Binal that she had tons of work to do as she, unlike Cinderella, has to design an entire collection and not just one dress. Well, the task was surely huge, but as they say, "What’s life without challenges?"

Let us now tell you the entire designing procedure.

The Designing

How does one start designing and ideating a full collection of outfits? While most of us are excellent at just gazing at the marvellous designs on the ramp walk, designers like Binal instantly start creating wonders.

Let us understand straight from Binal what it looks like to design a collection for the Paris Fashion Week ramp walk.

When asked about the entire process, Binal was generous enough to share even the smallest of details. We have broken them down into steps for you to take notes.

Step 1.-
It all starts with the idea of offbeat designs, keeping in mind the kinds of styles that are high in fashion yet functional, along with the kinds of designs the audience wants to see.

2nd Step
"The next stage is sketching out the designs on paper to create a basis for the further process."

3rd step
Then comes the crucial part of choosing the materials and fabric. Because we believe in creating sustainable fashion, we always look for recyclable materials and fabrics that we can use while keeping the style element intact. "

4th step
After the required materials are chosen and sourced, the in-house tailors will start handcrafting the silhouettes, making sure not even the smallest details are missed.

5th step
Packaging and labelling are done with the utmost care and done in TheRealB signature style. To assure impeccable quality, all the pieces go through multiple layers of quality control. We excel at tailoring perfection. Hence, every outfit we create for you goes through the entire process, all done in-house. "

Noted? We have too!

Now let us talk about the collection.

The Collection.

Binal Patel’s brainchild, TheRealB, not only represented the marvellous mastery of Binal but also the creative talent of the entire India on the ramp walk. Hence, it was important for her to stand by the expectations and to set a bar so high that all the new and emerging designers are not only inspired but also encouraged that nothing is impossible if they tread on the path of hard work and consistency

Her collection for Paris Fashion Week had to be nothing but the best of designs, cutouts, silhouettes, and altogether a captivating sight to hold on the ramp. So, the collection was inspired by the idea of feeling sexy even during autumn-winter, even if you are not showing much skin. Shiny embellishments, sexy nets, dramatic ruffles, cosy furs, alluring stripes, and a lot more were seen on the runway, all with a twist of edgy cuts and sensual details, not to mention in her very signature style. It was evident with the designs that Binal made sure to focus all her energy on turning her idea into reality.

The Inspiration

For Binal, nature has always been the inspiration behind all her collections. All her designs imbibe elements of nature. While fashion is also her priority, to create a conscious clothing line is her mission. The brand has designs that are made from orange peel, regenerated nylon, banana fabric, milk fabric, and more. These are the efforts TheRealB has taken up since its inception.

The Ideology

TheRealB has always held the ideology of creating designs that embrace the authenticity of crafts, clothes, colours, and culture that cater to the ever-evolving aesthetic of the real, confident beauties of our times.

When asked about her views on what the fashion of now should look like,

"The fashion of now is like catching up with the old times. I mean, after a lot of time spent indoors while the rest of the world is getting back on track. And people, too, are picking up their old lifestyle habits like dressing up for dates, going for casual evening drinks or even late-night parties. So, I think styles will be more about making trends and statements like we did before. "

What’s next for TheRealB?

Asking this question directly from the designer, she says,

"We, as a team, have been able to achieve many milestones with our herculean efforts and we will continue to do so with the aim of marking our footprints in the international markets of Europe and Latin America

And after showcasing her unique collection at the ramp walk, when asked about her plans for the future, Binal says, in a humble tone, "I have just started."

This is the entire journey of Binal Patel in making her tantalising collection for the Paris Fashion Week Autumn-Winter Collection 2022.

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