Regency Era Fashion in the Modern Day

The Regency Era has made an impressionable mark in the history of both literature and clothing. The Empire waist dress and classical Greek lines characterise women clothing trends in the early 1800s; these are the styles worn by characters in Jane Austen novels.

The Vintage Romance era, influenced by a new romantic sensibility typified by writers such as Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott, is included in the Regency period. Low necklines, high bust, short sleeves, high waists are just simply classy and redefines delicacy in the most beautiful way. Although many may mistakenly believe that regency era dresses are shapeless, this is not the truth. As many of us are familiar with the sleek train appearance that is created by a dress that is fastened with a drawstring and gathered in the back.

Regency Era Fashion has clearly made its way to the 21st Century, from the Golden Era of Jane Austen to the ever-so-chic Bridgerton moment. The amalgamation of Regency Era Fashion in 2021 has its own Vintage Charm. The modern day versions of the Regency dress does not necessarily incorporate traditional materials like muslin or batiste but instead show more use of fabrics like silks, satin, georgette, etc to establish a more contemporary looking wardrobe. The new age Southern Belle likes to adore outfits that are simple, yet stunning! She is burdened with a lot of tasks and wants the most comfortable outfit that makes her feel Fierce and Ladylike. Unlike the Victorian Era of Fashion that consisted of apparel that was very restrictive and painful.

It’s finally time to pull out that empire waisted dress from your wardrobe and look like an absolute Enamouring Beauty. After all it's the look that's most iconic to the era. Alas, to say! The comeback of Regency Era Fashion in the 21st Century is the best thing that we could have asked for.