Influenced by one of the most iconic movies and character, Gone With The Wind is a summer journey, a voyage to the world of epic grandeur, extravagant style, passionate souls and vintage romance.
Each outfit featured in the collection is made with 100% pure fabric while the silhouettes reinforce the timelessness of iconic styles. From flirty ruffles to pretty prints to prim cuts each creation in this collection tells a memorable story.

A tale of the bold and the beautiful, of power and potential.
She is more than just what meets the eye,
She is a beauty and a force to be reckoned with.
Belladonna is a collection that translates this spirit into authentic styles with an amalgamation of exotic colours and striking silhouettes.

Fabricated with fine German machinery, our premium jacquard is rare in its colours, combinations, and quality to give you styles that are as distinctive as its process.