• Luxurious to see

  • Luxurious to touch

  • Luxurious to feel

Jacquard is known for its exclusivity, crisp and classy each weave has been imported from Vietnam. Each weave and each pattern has a story of its own and holds great importance in the Vietnamese culture. The essence of the fabric lies in its texture, intricacy and diversity. Each pattern is crafted on German Machines wherein each colour, contrast, and combination is exclusive.

That is what makes each garment so rare, giving it individuality and grandeur unlike no other.


The name jacquard comes from Joseph Marie Jacquard, the inventor of the jacquard loom process. Under jacquard, each design is woven into the fabric itself instead of being printed or embroidered. This allows for far more elaborate and complex designs.

Jacquard enables an intricacy in design like no other and the unique weaving process leads to a much stronger and thicker fabric. Known for its texture, durability and lustre this fabric is ornate in its making and feel.

Jacquard blends classic elegance with modernity giving it a unique aesthetic appeal. Its structure and sturdiness make for an exceptional timeless clothing.