Decode The Hype Around Bright Red And Hot Pink With TheRealB!

The hype is real! Bright red and hot pink are the two colours that have been in the showbiz limelight for quite some time now. But the colours that some people shy away from even when styling them individually are being paired up together. What led to this instant confidence in people?

Well, it all dates back to 2016, when Taylor Swift, like every year, made people bow to her style on the Grammy Awards red carpet. That year, Ms. Swift graced the red carpet of the prestigious award ceremony with a different haircut, like she always does, but also in a different style. Steering away from her otherwise princess-inspired looks, this time she daunted a tube top in a neon orange colour and paired it with a ball skirt with a sensuous slit, and that too, in a bright pink colour. This was by far the most daring outfit that she has ever carried on the red carpet of the award ceremony. The look was formal, perfect for the event, and, of course, very glamorous.

We can take the liberty of saying that the colour-blocking trend has had a little renaissance moment after Talyor’s jaw-dropping look.

Fast forward to 2022, and the colour blocking trend is not only still going strong, but it is the newest rage of the year and maybe for a few coming years too. Since 2016, people have been trying to colour-block their outfits to bring out their different personalities. It felt as if Taylor Swift had made the world fall in love with colour again. People started taking colour palettes more seriously and started studying colours. Even the "neutral lovers" have started experimenting with their styles. Various brands started incorporating more colours, and basically there was a colour revolution.

Each year, fashion may have changed slightly, but one thing that has remained consistent over the years is the use of colour in clothing. People loved trying out different coloured outfits, and that is how it has been going since then. We see different celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood in striking colours very commonly now.

Not long ago, another colourblocked outfit was again on the fashion police’s radar. No points for guessing. It was, of course, Samantha Ruth Prabhu who made big waves with her dressing sense recently when she was seen donning an eye-pleasing, heart-eyes outfit in the Koffee With Karan new season. The Tollywood beauty was seen in a ribbed bright red top and hot pink pants with minimal jewellery and a natural makeup look. "Oh! What a stunner she is!" is the first thing we all thought or said when we saw her, right?

The colour-blocked outfit along with her powerful personality made the episode of Koffee With Karan even more blockbuster. Many people admire not only her bold responses but also her appearance. The trends have again been changed as people are again interested in this particular colour combination. Now some of you might say that they were never out of the interest of people, but seeing the trends, it was quite evident that reds and pinks were mostly paired on and around Valentine’s Day. But a big, bold stop sign has been put on this thinking practice after Samantha made her presence felt in the show.

What do you think about the colour-blocking trend? Let us know! Also, what is your favourite pick of colours while colour blocking?

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