Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion

People have been rigorously following fashion more than ever. Fashion today is available to everyone, and people are realising this. Apart from this realisation, there is also the realisation of the fact that as we are moving forward, we are impacting the environment in a way that is not good. That is when the solution of sustainable fashion comes to the forefront.
In this blog we are going to talk about sustainable fashion, also known as eco-friendly fashion, sustainable fashion brands and much more.
Before anything else, you must know the basics on which this entire blog is based.

What is fast and slow fashion?

The terms basically mean-

Fast fashion: To capitalise on trends, clothing designs that quickly transition from runway to store are referred to as "fast fashion."

Slow fashion is a way of thinking about fashion that takes into account the resources and methods used to manufacture garments. It promotes investing in higher-quality clothing that will last longer and upholds the value of treating people, animals, and the environment fairly.

What is sustainable fashion and why do we care about sustainable fashion?

It is a fact that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries. It impacts millions of people around the globe. The clothing industry is responsible for four to ten percent of today's greenhouse gas emissions.

Simply said, sustainable fashion refers to the production and use of clothing in a way that preserves both the environment and the people who make the clothing. Because of this, the sustainability matrix places a high priority on lowering Co2 emissions; dealing with overproduction; minimising pollution and waste; preserving biodiversity; and making sure that garment workers receive a fair salary and have secure working conditions.

Sustainability is the development that satisfies present demands without jeopardising the potential of future generations to satisfy their own needs.
Finding a balance between the design, production, and consumption of clothing is what is meant by sustainable fashion. It entails staying away from the exploitation of people and communities as well as the depletion of natural resources.

By adopting a long-term perspective on the production and use of clothing and accessories, sustainability also entails sustaining this equilibrium well into the future. It involves making sure the fashion business both produces positive things and doesn't hurt other people, the environment, or animals.

How can we create a sustainable wardrobe?

Here’s everything you need to know to make your very own eco-friendly fashion wardrobe.

1 The 30 wear test: Before buying a piece of clothing, think of the different ways you can style it. Ask these questions to yourself-
  • Will I be able to style this in different ways?
  • Will I be able to wear this at least 30 times before discarding or donating it?
  • Is this a versatile piece of clothing?
If all of the above questions get assertive answers, you can buy that piece of clothing.

2 Buy better: Who doesn’t like wearing a piece of clothing that is made for them exclusively? If you buy such pieces, you will have confidence and will not fear bumping into someone wearing the exact same thing as you. This type of clothing may be a little expensive, but the feeling of getting an exclusive piece of clothing is priceless.

3 Shop vintage pieces: Vintage fashion plays a very important role in sustainable fashion. People are looking to buy vintage fashion pieces because they are so exclusive. If you get a chance to buy a vintage fashion piece, do get your hands on it. You won’t ever regret it.

4 Know your comfort: The most important aspect of joining the sustainable fashion club is knowing the fabrics that work best for you. The fabrics that you are comfortable in, the fabrics that make you look good, the fabrics that you can wear anytime and anywhere, are the ones you need to buy more of. This knowledge of your personal comfortable fabric is a very important step to moving towards eco fashion.

5 Look out for made in India labels: the Make in India initiative has changed people’s perspective towards sustainable fashion a lot. People have now started to give more importance to locally made clothes. A lot of brands like TheRealB are making clothes that are giving tough competition to global level brands. TheRealB has even showcased its collection on the ramps of one of the most prestigious fashion weeks, Paris Fashion Week.

6 Take care of your clothes: You need to take care of your clothes so that they can serve you for a long time. This is a simple practise that can help a lot in an eco-friendly fashion.

7 Giving second life to your clothes: Giving second life to your clothes after you have used them enough is another very important step towards sustainable fashion. This can be done by giving away your clothes in thrift stores, donating them, using them in different ways, etc. Your clothes should not go to the dump; they must serve another purpose for someone else.

Are there sustainable fashion brands?

Yes, there are a lot of brands that are conscious of what they are producing. These brands are helping people find their preferred clothing in the fabrics they like, along with helping the world become a lot less polluted.
Not only are these brands making clothes that check the sustainability parameters, but they are also making clothes out of things that are unbelievable.

Are there sustainable brands in India?

TheRealB is an Indian brand which provides pret-a-porter collections that are all sustainable. TheRealB is famous for having showcased its collection on the ramps of one of the most famous and prestigious fashion weeks, Paris Fashion Week.

TheRealB takes sustainability very seriously, and that is why their clothes are made from materials like orange peel.

Eco fashion or sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. We all need to take steps towards helping our environment better and making this world a better place to live in.
Check out TherealB to see the awesome collection they have. Choose your favourites and take a step towards sustainability by buying sustainable clothes.