TheRealB Spotted In Masaba Masaba

If a new season of Masaba Masaba is released, can fashion be far behind? Well, absolutely NO! Because, with Masaba Masaba season 2 set to premiere in July 2022, we are excited for you to see TheRealB in the Indian biographical drama.
With new characters getting added to the already super exciting lives of mother-daughter duo Neena and Masaba Gupta, there is also going to be more glamour and drama (Who is excited? Well, definitely all of us.

With a sweet introduction to Masaba Masaba season 1 and the story that was unwrapped for us, it was obvious that people got interested in the plot and the twists that happened in the series, but more than anything else, people were looking forward to more fashionable stuff in season 2 and that is exactly what they will be seeing. Not only is Masaba going to tread on a new journey and find her inspiration in a new line of clothes, but, through a course of events, also untangle her relationship. (And honestly, we have always loved rom-coms like this since forever, isn’t it?) Are you on team Dhairya? Or are you on Fateh's side? Whatever you decide, we're all on team mini masaba.

Drama and fashion are the focal points of everybody’s life. Although not everybody’s life can be projected through a series of episodes and seasons of a Netflix show, the fact that everyone is a puppet in the drama that God writes for them (and oh! with a touch of fashion) is undeniable. Masaba Gupta’s show Masaba Masaba is the embodiment of this, as she never thought her chaotically beautiful life would be separated into episodes and would run on the TV screens of millions of people to showcase the drama (a lot of it original and some of it fictional).

Amidst the unfolding of chaos and the untangling of the situations, confusions, misunderstandings, and the relationship status of the protagonist and her career, we spotted TheRealB. Maria Goretti, who is playing the role of mother of Aisha (the bride), was not only doing justice to the role of a progressive mother but also carried off the vibe of a fashionable woman really well. And for a progressive mother to wear something fashionable like TheRealB’s Pleated Halterneck High-Low Dress is exceptional and simply praise-worthy.

Do go and indulge in this funny and dramatic show to see what new events have to unfold. The teaser has got us all excited about the new unfoldings that are coming in season 2 of Masaba Masaba and, likewise, the ending will definitely get you excited for the next season.

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