Current Fashion trends you need in your wardrobe in 2021

2020 brought in a sea of changes is how we function starting from how we work to what we wear. Sweatpants and tshirts became the official wfh attire and pyjamas became the new pants and skirts and dresses.

Vis a vis we all saw people getting exhausted of always dressing down and hence 2021 has brought with it the will to dress up again in joyful, fun but wearable trends that do not compromise on comfort. From minimal classics taking over the centre stage to maximalist clothing making a comeback, here are 10 trends you can swear by this season.

1. Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets have gained immense popularity in the past and rightfully so. They allow you to have a well put-together look that is uncomplicated and functional hence work well as your work from outfits as well. They range from simpler bold solid shades to printed ones, you’ll find one for your every mood.

2.Puff Sleeves

The more, the bigger, the better! That’s precisely the motto when it comes to sleeves of the season. The puff/exaggerated sleeves has proven out to be more than just a fleeting trend and looking at the love that it has been getting from the fashion mavens it’s here to stay.

3. Bucket Hats

While not a new trend it has come back to the fashion game in full force. This simple, easy accessory is all you need to lift your look in the most effortless way. There is no single way to wear this trend. Do it with your jeans or your summer dress, they look just as cool.

4. Rainbow Brights

A year locked in our houses in our PJs sure made us some colour pop. These bright colours not only look great but automatically uplift the mood, something we all sure need at this time. Bold and blazing these shades will add some brightness to your wardrobe.

5. Monochrome Magic

Classic yet classy, straightforward yet elegant, the monochrome magic never fails to look good. From office to off-duty, you cannot go wrong with monochrome, all you have to do is focus on powerful silhouettes. Monochrome dresses have always been and will continue to reign the fashion game for a long long time. Not only are monochrome dresses the epitome of class but also transeasonal. Monochrome is a full-proof trend that you cannot go wrong with and can suit each style be it vintage clothing or a premium dress.

6. The Strap Dress

Dress up or rather dress down in the hottest trend that is perfect for this hot weather. Strap dresses that were all the rage in the 90s and were seen rocking by none other than Rachel Green from FRIENDS is making the fashion rounds again. Characterised by its noodle straps and minimalist style, the strap dress is an easy and effortless dress that will surely elevate your mood.

7. Chunky chain Bags/Shoulder Bags

This super-cute 90s trend is back! Big enough to hold your essentials, get attention but not too big to shadow your outfits. Shoulder bags are functional, stylish, versatile and fuss-free. We can’t see why anyone would not love this trend.

8. Pastel Pop

Pastel shades have a way to soothe the eye, they remind us of happy times, of all things sweet and nice. Dresses in baby blues, soft yellows, and the all-time favourite peach pink dress, the serenity of these pastel shades is all we need in our solidarity. While wearing candy shades uplifts you, a pastel pop can calm you down and make you feel optimistic like no other colour. Not just for the summers, these soft and buttery shades will make you look chic for all seasons to come.

9. Cottagecore

Cottagecore first came out as a breakthrough in 2020 ever since the pandemic set in and is still going strong. For all those who are not aware of it, cottagecore is an aesthetic that imbibes those vintage vibes through comfortable and easy silhouettes that incorporate ruffles, lace and embroidery. It’s all about channeling those relaxing vibes and spending a leisure afternoon in your vintage dresses.

10. Shirtdress

Subtle, sophisticated and sleek a shirt dress is just what you need as you work through those long hours at home. Not only does this style make for the perfect day dress but can also be styled up to suit a night-out with the right accessories. Shirt dresses are just the kind of AM to PM, desk to day wear you need for when you’re working home or going out and about in the sun.