Gone With The Wind | A call to the vintage world & timeless fashion

With the world taking a pause slowing the pandemic, it gave us a lot of time to stop, ponder and muse. A lot of people thought fashion took a back seat this year but for me it was a calling, to rediscover, to experiment, to explore, to educate ourselves and to bring back the pure essence of the past we always longed for.

Hence, I decided to look back into time, and my biggest inspiration came from one of my most favourite classics, Gone With The Wind. A movie that broke records with its plot, its earnest storytelling and its wardrobe that inspired many and set trends in the fashion world that we all scour for even today. This landmark story brought to the world the embodiment of modern feminism who played by her rules and was determined to shine through. Channelling her independent spirit and style into clothing, created ensembles in pure fabrics that amalgamate vintage vibes with modern silhouettes.

I have always believed that fashion encaptures art and eras like no other and with Gone With The Wind, our idea was to bring back those timeless styles to suit the modern world.

With the world slowing and less physical events to go to, I want to make a line of clothing that focuses more on the beauty of the fabric. Each outfit featured in the collection is made with 100% pure fabrics made to last. From sultry silks that make up for the perfect soirees to pure cotton for a brunch-date or just a girls day out.

Each silhouette reinforces the timelessness of iconic styles that go beyond just one season. It’s an investment that embraces the classics and imbibes the virtue of longevity. Using pure fabrics, floral prints, crisp cuts, monochrome palette was a strategic choice as these have been a favourite choice no matter whether it’s the 40s or 2021. If it’s one thing that we sure have learnt from the past year is that plans can go amiss, hence we wanted to give you styles that had a bit of flair that we inherited from Gone With The Wind gowns and are just as timeless.

From flirty ruffles to pretty prints to prim cuts, from silky pleated skirts to cocktail dresses, from co-ord sets to corsets each creation in this collection tells a memorable story.