TheRealB Adding Emily In Paris Season 3 Outfits To Your Wardrobe

As soon as your life starts looking boring and unfashionable, Emily in paris’ new season arrives to serve a serious dose of fashion inspiration. And Emily in Paris season 3 outfits are going to give you a colourful ringarde experience yet again to fill you with inspiration for over-the-top outfits.

So don’t just follow this series to please your eyes and fill your heart with Emily in Paris fashion style (and Emily’s fantastic story and her love life chaos), but also try to incorporate her penchant for polarising outfits into your wardrobe.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the same extravagant and expensive dresses as Emily to get into the flow of Emily in Paris fashion, just read this blog by TheRealB to get Emily in Paris outfits in your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

And let people guess -
How did she even manage to afford all those?

Overview of Emily in Paris Season 3 Outfits

Emily Cooper is back with a brand-new episode of Emily in Paris and fresh
fashion ideas.

The Emily in Paris season 3 trailer provides a sneak peak at what's in store for Emily in the French city, including the new and exciting

splash of eye-popping ensembles (much more fashion)
new love triangles (much more love)
corporate rivalry (much more drama)

Characters in Emily in Paris season 3 have been dressed in some eye-catching and fun outfits, according to costume designer Marylin Fitoussi. This season of Emily in Paris will definitely dazzle Emily, Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), and Camille (Camille Razat) with its eye-catching sartorial costumes, whether you want to call them outlandish, stylish, or avant-garde.

Prepare yourself for this season of the Netflix series if you've been feeling like your life is getting boring and monotonous and is seriously lacking a serious serving of red berets, pastel tulle, and kaleidoscope patterns.

Emily in Paris Outfits From TheRealB

You too must have, at least once, thought of dressing up like Emily, haven’t you? Well, we know it's impossible to afford all those super-expensive ensembles. But we at TheRealB are exactly what you need to live your dream and to make an outfit that is inspired by this series and is, without a doubt, wink-worthy!

Just have a look at these outfits you could easily recreate with TherealB.

Let’s go Episode-wise to simplify it for you -

Episode 1 -

  • The Cosmos Satin Shirt from TheRealB is very similar to the neon orange blouse worn by Sylvie in episode 1.
  • Emily’s graphic tee from episode 1 can inspire you to choose a graphic tee for yourself from TheRealB’s GLITCH - the t-shirt collection.

Episode 2 -

Episode 3 -

  • Madeline’s floral jacket has been the talk of the town ever since she wore it in episode 3. TheRealB presents a dress in the most similar floral print. Presenting the TRB floral dress.

Episode 4 -

  • We’ve heard people say “Green is the new black” after seeing Emily in a green coat in episode 4. Guess what? TheRealB has a green tailored jacket for you.

Episode 5 -

Episode 6 -

Episode 7 -

Episode 9 -

Come to TheRealB for all your “Emily in Paris” fashion looks

These were some of the outfits that you can buy from TheRealB and recreate the show's iconic styles from its third season.

These outfits can be yours without spending a fortune, very conveniently with TheRealB. All you have to do is visit TheRealB and choose outfits from their collections that best suit you and your vibe.

Emily in Paris is a show where the stylists are not afraid to show the world their unique styles, and neither should you. With The Real B, you can go all out and be a real-life fashionista.