Fashion Trends Forecast 2023 By Binal Patel

As the New Year makes its way towards us, the excitement to check the fashion forecast for the upcoming year starts creeping in. So, if you are someone who loves following the trends and is always super excited for fashion forecasts, then this blog by TheRealB is all you have to read.

Founder and designer of TheRealB, Ms. Binal Patel, is telling you the fashion trend forecast.

So take out your notepads and start noting down these reliable forecasts straight from a designer.

What Are The Fashion Trends For 2023?

The fashion trend forecast 2023 that we are going to tell you is going to be seen everywhere from the next season on, so eye these trends as and when they make their entry in our lives, and make people jealous by hopping on them quickly.

But before anything else, let us quickly give you a few pointers from Ms. Binal Patel that are important to understanding the fashion trends -
1 A shift is seen in the way people are buying. More and more people are moving away from trends and instead looking for luxury pieces that will work as investments in the long term and that they could earn a reward for selling.

2 Fashion will be seen getting rid of gender stereotypes to a very good extent this year. So it will not just be for women to be seen wearing borrowed-from-my-man silhouettes, but even the new line of clothing from various designers will be focused on gender fluid fashion.

3 “Less is more” is the theme of 2023 fashion. So you'll see micro minis, cutouts, sheers, and mesh styles everywhere.

4 In contrast to the more skin-on-display audience, there will be modest attire that garners attention.Long hemlines. Sleek tailoring and as little skin as possible will be visible.

Fashion trend forecast 2023/2024 to have on your radar:

1 Elevated Everyday Wear

Everyday wear like jeans and oversized shirts will be seen more in 2023, but make it elevated. Tank tops, plaid shirts, and everything basic are going to rise.

2 Flexible Fits

Flexible fits or adaptive sizing with well-thought-out design details, from straps and fastenings that can be adjusted to fit different body sizes and shapes, to extra stretch options for smarter jersey wear, etc. will be seen this year.

3 The Grunge Fashion

Grunge fashion is making a comeback, and oh! not without its sultriness. A lot of laces, leather, faux-leather, laces, etc. will be seen. Other than this, you’ll also see a lot of denim, utility trousers, chains, and overall grunge elements all over.

4 Cut-outs, Sheer, Transparent Looks

Yes, all of this is gaining interest not just among the designers but also among the public, and therefore, "less is more" through cut-outs, sheers, and transparent looks would be seen in 2023 even more and to a greater extent in menswear too.

5 Modest Dressing

Contrary to the sheer and transparent looks, modest dressing will also be chosen by many people. Long hem lines, absolutely no skin show, and sleek tailoring will be on the hike. A more put-together aesthetic is what people are seeking, and the good news is that they will be getting all this in 2023.

6 The Nostalgic Dressing

The nostalgic clothing of the 1990s and 2000s will still be seen. The only difference will be that these looks will be more influenced by the psychedelic vibes.

Which Vibe Are You Going With?
Laces, fringes, thigh-high splits, cutouts, animal prints, ultra-femme styles, costume drama wear, metallics, textures, tulles, ruffles, feathers, and obviously digital lavender, among other things, will be at an all-time high in 2023.

Which vibe are you going with in 2023?
Do let us know.

Ms. Binal Patel, founder and designer of The Real B, has also forecasted a few upcoming trends for 2023 in a post on her LinkedIn; do check it out for more information on some other upcoming trends.

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