Why Should You Invest In Luxury Clothing Brands In India?

Have you ever invested in luxury clothing brands in India? Do you want to know why you should invest in a luxury clothing brand in India and how it will be profitable for you? Do you know which is the best luxury clothing brand in India? Just check out this blog by TheRealB and learn why you should invest in luxury fashion brands immediately, and which luxury clothing brand is the best in India.

Why are people investing in luxury fashion brands?

Luxury fashion brands are quickly replacing traditional ways of investing as young people grow more disenchanted with them.

There is a rising market for purchasing, preserving, and then reselling luxury designer wear for a possibly higher amount of money, even if investing significant quantities of money in luxury clothing brands in India is not often known as a popular investment.

Thanks to the growth of fashion resales, young investors and businesspeople are transforming high-end luxury designer wear into an additional source of income for themselves.

It is obvious that fashion investing is becoming more popular because the global market for used luxury brand clothing is predicted to be worth 84 billion dollars by 2030.

How does fashion investment work?

The majority of the time, investing in luxury clothing brands in India requires consumers to purchase rare and expensive items, hold onto them for a number of years, and keep them in brand-new condition in order to sell them for more money.

Is investing in luxury clothing brands in India a good idea?

The market for used clothing from luxury clothing brands in India is expanding quickly.

As a result, investing in luxury fashion brands in India may help you move in the direction of financial gain.

Although there may be other investments that are more reliable and offer higher returns than Indian luxury fashion brands, the demand for vintage and upscale clothing from luxury clothing brands in India is very great and might perhaps help you make some money.

What is a good Indian luxury clothing brand investment?

There are several important elements that could affect the cost of your luxury fashion brand purchase when determining whether it would be a wise investment or not, including:

Brands: Keep an eye out for upscale luxury clothing brands in India like TheRealB.
  1. Authenticity: It's getting more and more common to spend more money on higher-quality, longer-lasting luxury fashion brands’ clothing rather than purchasing a large number of cheaper ones.
  2. Condition: Make sure your luxury designer wear is in the finest condition possible.
  3. Storage: Make sure that wherever the item is stored won't affect its condition by keeping it in the original box or packaging.
  4. Maintain all tags: Maintaining the original tags can help you receive the best pricing.

Why is TheRealB the best luxury clothing brand in India?

The luxury clothing brands in India, TheRealB is the best luxury clothing brand in India currently because of a lot of reasons.

Let us see a few of these reasons below:
  1. The luxury clothing brands in India, TheRealB is a homegrown most fashionable Indian designer-wear brand.
  2. TheRealB caters to women between the ages of 18 to 40 years.
  3. Luxury fashion brand in India, TheRealB is a pret-a-porter brand which is moving towards complete sustainability with incorporating natural materials like orange peel etc.
  4. Luxury Indian clothing brand, TheRealB, is moving towards being a Zero Waste brand by Reducing waste, Reusing fabric, Recycling fashion and reconstructing every piece of fabric. The Real B accomplishes this through Samsara, the sustainable period care pouches.
  5. TheRealB, the Indian luxury clothing brand, has attended and presented its collections at two of the world’s most famous, awaited, and honourable fashion weeks, namely Paris Fashion week in 2021, and New York Fashion Week in 2022.
  6. The luxury clothing brand in India, TheRealB is founded by Ms. Binal Patel who is the designer and founder of two established brands, namely TherealB, and BINAL PATEL. She is an accomplished designer who has a vivid knowledge and expertise of fashion, and its details, and is always well up-to-date with the recent happenings in the fashion industry.
  7. The prints, colours, styles, silhouettes, and all the details a true fashionable person wants in their clothes are very well understood by luxury fashion brands in India, TheRealB, and that is why its collections are liked by your favourite celebrities, influencers, and the best stylists in the country.
  8. Luxury designer wear brand TheRealB also offers the resale of its clothes through ReLove, which would help you get a return on your investment in the brand’s designer wear clothes.

The future of luxury clothing brands in India

Luxury fashion brands are continually changing across generations and geographical boundaries. Younger and younger luxury buyers keep changing the rules of the game. There are new luxurious locations on the map. The concept of luxury itself is becoming more complicated.

Just as we anticipated, luxury fashion brands have once again demonstrated their endurance, driven by personalised premium experiences and items.

In 2022, luxury fashion brands saw positive compound annual growth rates in 95% of cases.

And even though there are economic headwinds and concerns about a worldwide recession, the luxury market is expected to expand in 2023, although more slowly, as wealthy consumers continue to travel and spend.

In the last few years, there have been many changes in the image of luxury fashion brands.Luxury clothing brands in India have grown from a badge of status to self-expression, and the meaning of luxury has evolved from indulgence to elevated essentialism. The online channels of these luxury clothing brands in India have changed from side projects to driving forces, which in itself reveals a lot about the modern buyer and the current status of luxury fashion brands in India.

For premium luxury clothing brands in India, customer centricity has never been more crucial.

Indian luxury clothing brands must empower people to express their unique personalities in a contemporary and timeless manner.

Shifts in viewing the luxury fashion brands

The research on luxury trends for 2023 examines three underlying trends that are profoundly altering both the dynamics of the world and the business strategy for luxury fashion brands. These developments, known as “macro changes,” affect all seven of the trends we have identified for 2023 and which you will learn more about in this blog ahead.

1. Online sales of luxury goods will soon overtake all other outlets.
According to a recent study, 73% of shoppers identified as channel agnostic, determining the best channel for a purchase based on convenience and availability.

Online luxury shopping is now securing its place in the consumer journey after the COVID era's rapid expansion. In the upcoming years, online is expected to overtake other sales channels as the largest sales channel, surpassing mono-brand retail stores.

By 2030, 33% of personal luxury goods sales will take place online, thanks to brand websites and new digital opportunities.

In 2023, the dominance of mono-brand online stores of luxury fashion brands will be one of the major forces influencing this transformation.

In contrast to the previous ten years, when established luxury fashion brands heavily relied on multi-brand stores to sell their items online, these luxury clothing brands are now investing more in their own websites to boost sales. This makes it possible for the top luxury clothing brands to control the full omni-channel experience and own the customer data.

We expect the competition between mono-brand and multi-brand retailers to intensify in the coming years as luxury brands want a bigger share of the market.

2. Asia, excluding China, is getting richer
Spending growth is still anticipated to be driven by Chinese consumers. In 2030, it is predicted that they will account for 40% of the world's luxury market.

Notably, consumers in other Asian nations, such as India and Indonesia, are getting richer.

The luxury market in India is expected to grow to 3.5 times its current size by 2030, making it a nation to keep an eye on for luxury companies.

3. Millennials and Gen Z are responsible for all of the growth, with Gen Alpha fast approaching
Millennials and Gen Z are responsible for all of the growth in the global luxury designer wear market in 2022, and they are doing so at an accelerating rate as Gen Alpha approaches. In 2023, younger generations will maintain their position as crucial development engines for the top luxury clothing brands.

And in the upcoming years, this generational change will only quicken:

The luxury spending of Gen Z and Gen Alpha is anticipated to increase three times faster than that of preceding generations.

Gen Z consumers buy luxury designer wear goods three to five years sooner than their millennial forebears, possibly as a result of luxury fashion brands' enlarged range of teenage-appealing products (like activewear) at various price points and digitally driven communication methods.

The flood of brand alliances reveals how crucial these younger generations are to premium luxury fashion brands.

Luxury trends that will shape 2023

Here are the seven most important luxury trends to consider in 2023:

1. Internal resale
Priority is given to second-hand luxury. Luxury designer wear is especially well-suited for the resale market of luxury clothing brands in India because of their very nature (timelessness, enduring attractiveness, durability, and, in some cases, scarcity).

2. Me-taverse
The Metaverse Luxury's digital personalities and virtual influences are altering our perceptions of the world.And as a result, there will be an increase in the sense of physical fluidity and more daring steps towards seamless, multidimensional virtual realities.

3. Feel-Good Investments
Wealthy customers increasingly consider top luxury clothing brands as long-term investments, both financially and in terms of their own personal development. Due to people's need for rewarding experiences that will lead to fuller lives, luxury will concentrate on the experiential (driven in part by the "You Only Live Once" culture).

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