Top 5 Outfits Inspired From Emily In Paris

When Emily said - “Well, this will give you something to dream about,” she was talking about this blog! As one of the most popular shows on Netflix “Emily In Paris” has electrified the audience with its second season, we find that the dressing style of Emily cooper is liked by people all over the world, no matter how ‘Ringarde’ they call it to be.

People are envious of her extravagant and expensive dresses and accessories, by the way, how did she even manage to afford all those? While designers call it a riot of colours and patterns with designer pieces all put together, we think that it is more about individuality and optimism for a young girl who is trying to fit in into her dream job.

You too must have, at least for once, thought of dressing up like Emily, haven’t you? Well,we know it's impossible to afford all those super expensive ensembles. But we at TheRealBare exactly what you need to live your dream and to make an outfit that is inspired by thisseries, and is, without a doubt, wink-worthy!

So let us recommend some of the outfits from TheRealB collection that are very similar tothe protagonist’s style.

Here we go -

1. Emily chose Mini dresses on the best occasions -

You might have seen Emily in a lot of mini dresses. Remember her high-low dress she wore for a weekend vacation to St. Tropez? While that was a statement piece, the dress that we are presenting before you is exclusive. TheRealB ‘s Embroidery mini dress is very close to one of the dresses she wore. This dress can be a showstopper for you too. Pair it up with one of the high heels in the classic unusual colours that Emily preferred wearing, and you are sure to catch a lot of glances.

2. Emily wore Jumpsuits but was choosy -

Although very rarely, we do have seen Emily sport a jumpsuit in the episode where she sits on the sidelines of Gabriel and Alfie’s game. Also, Emily is all about interesting necklines. To your surprise, this jumpsuit from TheRealB is the perfect mix of both these. The tailored jumpsuit,when paired with an interesting cover-up can make you look as if you’re walking a ramp walk.

3. Co-ords were Emily’s favourite -

The need to fit in the world where she was new, made Emily go overboard sometimes. In one of the episodes, she wore a beautiful co-ord set but it was all covered up because of the jacket she wore on top of that. But fashion is a subjective topic and we can dress up however we want.TheRealB’s Satin Lace Co-ord has a fashionista vibe to it. You can throw on a cover-up and would be ready to take on the world like Emily.

4. Unusual silhouettes are Emily’s favourite -

The daring personality of Emily was reflected in her outfits. She was not afraid to try out new silhouettes and unusual popping colours. These traits made her our favourite. TheRealB’s Satin A-line Dress has Emily’s vibe. Get this dress and style it in a way Emily would have styled it, in her quirky yet unique way.

5. Emily’s Black dress at the ballet -

It felt like she’s wearing poetry. That dress and the way she styled it, all reflected her true style sense. Have you imagined yourself in that dress yet? Well of course not everyone can get their hands on that Christian Siriano dress but you can definitely get TheRealB’s Jacquard dress with cut-work.This dress is a masterpiece in itself with that neckline and puffy sleeves and the gold cut-word. Grab your gold heels and you are ready.

These were some of the outfits that can be replaced with Emily’s original outfits in the show. These outfits can be yours without spending a fortune, very conveniently with TheRealB. All you have to do is visit TheRealB’s website and choose outfits from their collections that best suit you and your vibe. Emily followed her heart and was not afraid to show the world her style and neither should you. Go all out and be the real-life fashionista with TheRealB.