5 luxurious Outfits That Give You Chic And Luxe Feel

Who doesn’t want to look chic and luxurious these days? In today’s world where even the Instagram trending videos say- “Look expensive without spending much”, we can very clearly get an idea in which direction the world is moving.

Well, you don’t need to see all those videos and research on this topic as TheRealB is here for your help. We will suggest 5 outfits from our collection “Elira” that will make you feel luxurious automatically withoutputting in a lot of effort.Let us dive straight into the outfits -

1. Jacquard suit -

Anybody who is a little active on social media would know that pant suits are all over the fashion world. People are missing no chance to grab their hands on a pants suit in trending colour or pattern. But you don’t have to search for a pant suit for yourself as TheRealB jacquard suit will make you look chic and stylish at the same time.

2. Mulberry silk straight ankle length pants with Mulberry silk tunic -

You might have had a lot of pants and tunic outfits but there’s nothing like this one. TheRealB’s Mulberry silk pants and tunic together makes for an outfit that is bound to turn all the spotlight towards you. Not to mention the chicness this outfit exudes due to its high quality silk.

3. Orange peel pants with TheRealB VEST -

Pants that are made out of orange peels are hard to find and if you get one, grab it instantly. Not every fashion brand or designer experiments with new and sustainable materials in the fashion industry and the ones who do are an absolute steal. TheRealB VEST is another example of a design element that is not seen quite often. This outfit screams class and style.

4. Jacquard slip dress with Jacquard kimono -

A dress with a kimono style has not been advertised by a lot of designers. Be the first one to get on this super chic trend of dress and kimono outfit among your friends and acquaintances. From the colour, to the length and the style of this outfit, everything says sophistication and style. Be the life of the party in this beautiful marigold dress and kimono outfit

5. One shoulder midi dress -

This midi dress is nothing ordinary. The dress is made from 100% orange peel. This sleek and flattering dress comes in lavender colour, which is apparently the colour that everybody is in love with. The dress is an absolute style statement as it is the perfect outfit in itself if you are planning to spend your weekend on a beach. The sheen of the dress will make you look like an angel.

Check out www.therealb.in to have a look at the various other collections that we have. We have a wide range of designer wear for you to look sophisticated and luxurious.