TheRealB is making Luxe street style a thing!

Street style has been in the world since humans discovered a sense of fashion. The typical comfortable clothes to hang out with friends, for drinks, or just to travel out started to make big statements in the 20th century.

How did the street style see big changes?

After the second world war figures like Christian Dior and Pierre Balman explored what street style can accept as change. In those days’ street style consisted of what looked expensive. The high-income people always emphasized buying premium dresses.

During these last 15 years, the street style evolved and lost the expensive tag from it. Now people started looking for comfortable and casual dresses. Presently people are still trying to carry the comfortable look with no major changes. But the evolution of street style is at its new step now. The past few years have seen big changes in this style.

Now, whether it is celebrities or normal people roaming on streets, everyone wants to belong. Which is why people are looking towards a luxurious look even on the streets. In the coming next few years luxe street style might be the biggest bloom in the fashion industry.

How TRB is making a change?

TRB is trying to mix fashion with a sense of comfort and high-quality material. As a result, we get luxurious clothes. Whether you want party wear or casual outfits, our collections would make you feel the best. Due to this even our street wear makes you feel luxurious with comfort at your hand.

We keep classic and vintage clothing styles at the center of our imagination. Thus, we have added a classy look to our streetwear too. With inspiration from the classical and imagination of our mind, we present you the most luxurious streetwear that would help you look outstanding even in casual meetings.

We mix classic with vintage with contemporary to achieve the perfect clothes for you. Quality material and custom designing are used to fill your priorities. Pointing every minute detail in clothes and taking care of it is what we do to give you the best.

How to choose a luxe styled cloth?

A luxe-styled cloth is made with the customer 's needs in mind. Every minute mistakes are avoided. You can keep these things in mind to have the luxury in your hand:

  • High-quality material: Choose high-quality material that gives your clothes a rich and expensive look.
  • Designed perfectly: A perfectly designed cloth would silently make a statement that it is luxurious.
  • Zippers: No luxe clothes have zippers showing thus choose clothes with invisible zips.
  • Patterns that are custom made: A luxurious cloth has a neat look thus the patterns are custom made that make you look different from everyone.

How to carry luxe street style?

Although the street style has nothing much to do with trends and only with comfort, it still makes its followers. Different people with different senses try to wear what they want. As a result, we see different branches of street style. Due to differences in culture and history, every country faces a change in their street style too.

All these things make street style a big thing to handle. But with a few common rules, you can carry street style anywhere in the world. The rules go like this:

No common trend

The street style does not have any common trend. Instead, you need to follow what your heart wants if you feel like wearing vintage clothing that is what is going to work for you. If you want to wear retro clothing you should go for it.

Comfy is still a thing

Various places like New York and London observe people roaming in simple casual dresses which are way more comfortable in spite, being a fashion hub.

Not for the street colors

Try neutral tones instead of glamourous ones. Glamourous colors are not meant for the streets. Thus, go for the timeless colors that would not change with the era.

Add black and white to your wardrobe

Black and white are timeless colors that do not change with the era. The best thing about these colors is that they give you a luxurious look without any effort.

Try mismatching for the best look

It is the most casual look you would ever have. Mismatching is the easiest look to achieve, as you can try everything that looks good on you. You can even try to mismatched your footwear and accessories on a monochromatic outfit to try a fusion look.

Try monochrome for looking much casual

Monochrome makes it easier to choose what to wear. Choose a color and that’s it. Match your accessories to your clothing to get done and ready.

Classic stays lovely as always

You can always wear classic dresses because they never cease to stay out of trend. There is a huge base of classic fashion lovers and if you are one of them you can try it out as your new street style outfit.

Fewer accessories fewer efforts

The street style fashion reflects effortless fashion. Thus, going for fewer accessories is the best choice for you. Fewer accessories radiate the vibe that your style is effortless.

Best luxe street-styled clothes for you

Bold, beautiful and bedazzling is our muse. With this concept, we have crafted the best street-style clothes for you that sport luxury in every fiber. This list contains long casual dresses, trousers, shirts, etc. to match your taste.

  • Organza Full Skirt is an example of one of the luxe street style wears from our collection. With an invisible zip on the back, this full skirt in a classic design is made with high-quality organza which gives it a shiny finish.
  • Vintage charm is specially hand printed for you. This grey and blue silk dress is perfect if you want to carry a street style look on a date.
  • Limited edition jacquard balloon sleeve mini dress is a perfect outfit. When you wear this v neck bodycon dress you get a confident look.
  • The shirt with Bold Shoulders has a notched lapel collar. Its sleeves sport shoulder pad details with a button on the front.
  • Ruffled Shirt has ruffled sleeves with peter pan collars. It has buttons on the front to make it more appealing.
  • Metallic Mini Dress has huge pleated sleeves with invisible zip on the back. It would work as casual as well as party wear. It is perfect if you are deciding your street look for hanging out with friends or for casual dining and drinking out.
  • Skater mini skirt is best for hanging out with friends or some casual meetings. With a round neck with elastic detailing near the waist, it gives you a mix of casual and rich looks. Must give it a try when you are in the mood of bringing your funky style out.