The perfect skirts for all your styles

Skirts may express our style and anything we want to say to the fashion world. The beautiful vintage style 90s apparel of skirts evokes recollections of a long-forgotten era, of attending an evening party, brunch in the day, or family gatherings. Skirts can make or break an outfit. TheRealB will astound you with its spectacular antique aesthetics.

Styling up the modern with a vintage touch

In an interview with Vogue in 2017, Anna Wintour highlighted that the word "vintage fashion" refers to anything manufactured in the past 20 and 99 years. Wintour went on to remark that in the case of designer pieces, the phrase vintage apparel frequently suggests collectability. For example, a pair of sunglasses created in 1985 that appears identical to a pair made in 2020 is considered vintage.

Vintage-style clothing to this contemporary era has gone far away from what it was back in the 20-100 years. Going out for a more subtle look with minimum accessory to bring out the vintage lady in you! It makes you more clear with your fashion statement on any occasion.

Pick the Perfect Skirt for your Vintage style

The fashion world is gradually going subtle. People find bliss in connecting, be it on any occasion. This summertime high waist midi skirt can go all around with white, yellow, grey, olive, and chambray. An off-white midi skirt with pleated details and a satin finish can be worn with a shirt with a bold shoulder that can make you go easy on some vacations.

If you are new to shopping and wondering what fits you best, it may be confusing. Choosing anything over skirts can be casual and even look better if you style with extravagant vintage style clothing.Choosing a skirt adheres to your body type. We have kept the notion to make your body look perfect with our luxurious vintage clothing for women. The high-quality materials and our casual neutral colors make you more vibrant this summer.

The Returning of the Vintage Era!

Vintage clothing has always piqued the curiosity of modern consumers since it offers a tale about a bygone era, location, and people. Vintage is a continually growing term since it refers to historical periods that are at least two decades old. However, several eras had definitive style marks, such as the American 1950s, which were embellished with wide skirts and pearl jewelry sets, and the Indian 1960s, which shouted paisley, tie-dye, and long silhouettes.

Although South Asian vintage aficionados are now a small, specialized subculture, the Indian vintage fashion industry has begun to gain traction in recent years. As more antique fashion firms choose to promote their items online, this little fashion revolution began as a grassroots movement on social media, specifically Instagram.Many young individuals are introduced to retro fashion in the same way, through their parents' or elder relatives' clothes. However, for those of us who do not have such easy access to fashion, here is a guide to the fashion movers and shakers who are feeding vintage culture in India.

Make your Casual Outing More Exciting

Casual clothing might make us confused and wonder how to make it look more modest. TheRealB has made the change to make your look classy and vintage at the same time. A white layered skirt with side pockets and a button on the front worn with a notched cap sleeve crop top to make your casual day look even more vibrant.

Does a Dinner Date Make You Nervous?

Going out of our comfort zone always makes us zone out. Antique dresses for women like The Real B Victorian Bustle always win the heart. Vintage designer clothing can never fail you to stand out and walk confidently. Confidence speaks to the fashion you carry in yourself. Black High waist skirt with black and white velvet tie-up blouse goes well with any dinner date appointments.

Go Retro for Your Office Party

Being Modest is now top-notch. But intermixing retro-style clothing with a vintage look makes a big statement to this contemporary era. What makes us more confident in how we create our fashion in this world? Fashion never goes out-trended; it always recreates itself making it more modest and vibrant. Looking for classic vibrancy can be an interesting fact to recreate your vintage style clothing.We focus on the finest quality of vintage design material that gives you the looks for classic and the neutral colors bring you the comfort in your hand.

What makes TRB different from trends?

Skirts were never out of trend. Styling skirts for every occasion can be a difficult task. But with our classic luxurious retro designer clothes, you will be at ease to feel comfortable and aesthetic in one go.We have designed the skirts for every party, be it at your home, friends’ night out, office party, casual vacations, or anything.

1 Have the crowd and be audacious

Creating a different definition of your fashion is what we want you to do. Rather than choosing heavy make-ups and accessories that might speak the same thing as others in the crowd. We make it bold with our modest colors and extravagant vintage clothes with classic designs of the Victorian era. The Victorian era it is known for its rich literary culture and aesthetic lifestyle. We present you with the best vintage collection at our online store to enjoy and dress as your desired fashion at your end.

2 Style your wardrobe with your Skirts for your every style

A casual and steady look for your everyday style opens up many opportunities for your wardrobe styling. Choosing a Chambray color is exquisite for your everyday style and also goes for retro style at one go. Keeping black and white sets for your skirts gives you the chance to give your style a different look. A black high waist skirt can be worn with an elbow bishop sleeves top.

3 Dark and Classic: A perfect shot for your perfect look

It is the easiest way to dress for any occasion. Choose any dark color that matches your taste, dark, gray, black, navy, strong red. Match the base with subtle color. And now you are ready.

4 Wear Your Self-Assurance and show it to the world

Fashion is all about being confident in what you wear. Choosing color and materials are often overlooked by hiding behind the curtains of our comfort zone. But please be rest assured, TRB is presenting you the best high-quality materials for casual and as well as classic wear for your everyday style.

TRB Recommendations : Dress to impress with our finest Vintage selection.

You go out anywhere or any day, our vintage online collection will never disappoint you. We have designed skirts for your perfect style for your everyday engagement.

1 Silk Black Co-ord set:

Go for a black co-ord set with a high waist skirt that has a slit run across its side. Paired up with a blouse that has elastic details on sleeves and hem. It goes perfectly with your weekend classic look. With less effort and high-quality material, making your style out of the box!

2 Organza full skirt:

A traditional organza full skirt with a gleaming finish made of high-quality organza. It has an invisible zip that fastens in the back for a secure fit. It was created specifically for your casual but timeless vintage style.

3 Huge Balloon Sleeve Blouse:

Pair the white square net blouse featuring huge balloon sleeves with a sheer a line skirt making it a perfect charm for your dinner date.

4 Layered Skirt:

White Layered skirt with pockets and buttons in the front, style it with our ruffled striped crop top.

TheRealB got its niche of intermixing the vintage era with modern style. Creating a huge impact on the current fashion trend to look back to the antique clothing style. Styling beyond the era is always got the top-notch TRB vintage clothing. By converting the look of casual clothing to vintage fashion, TheRealB is giving closure to its audience to enjoy and style clothing to its desire, wherever and whenever.