Satin Clothes Is Back In Trend: Here's How You Can Ace It

From Hollywood to Bollywood, Satin is back in the trends, capturing the fashion market under its spell again. Satin dresses and tops are making huge waves in the fashion market recently.

Celebrities are opting for it to make public appearances every time they get a chance and the trend has gone so viral that influencers have started creating different looks with it and are experimenting with different styles. But Satin outfits can go terribly wrong sometimes. So how does one ace the style game with satin?

We are here to tell you how you can ace your satin game and look better than the rest.

1 Dresses -

Satin dresses not just look stylish but also high-class. But to look far above the average quality satin dresses that are available in the market, you need to choose the correct brand for your dress. TheRealB’s Satin A-line dress is what we recommend. This satin dress is in a fiery red colour with a round neck in the front and V-neck at the back. The cut and shape of the dress guarantee your comfort but in the most stylish way. The shape of the dress will complement all the body types. With pockets on the side that are hidden by the design of the hem, this dress feels like a casual dress but looks very formal when styled appropriately.

But if you are a person who likes more subtle colours or if you are going to a very formal event, you can choose TheRealB’s Satin Pleated Dress With Belt. This grey undertone dress is the perfect partner for you to a formal function or event. The flattering V-neck of this dress defines the neck, the pleats look formal and elegant, the belt adds definition to your waist and the high-low hem adds the daunting design element.

These are the dresses you should opt for if you really want to ace your satin look. Dresses like these require minimal jewellery. You can go for statement earrings and a clutch to make the outfit stand-out.

2 Shirts -

Satin shirt is another piece of clothing that looks super stylish and flaunting. This piece can be worn with jeans, trousers, pants or even skirts. But what is most important to note here is that your satin shirt should be appropriate for any function that you want to wear it for. You should be able to style that one satin shirt on a lot of occasions and in different ways. For this, you need a shirt that is multi-purpose.

Satin Shirt With Bow from TheRealB is one of our top recommendations. This shirt is in this very beautiful shade of pink. It’s time to ditch your regular white shirt and opt for a fun coloured shirt that should have a lot of drama. It has a bow detailing which looks chic. You can style it in different ways to suit the occasion from casual to party wear. Choose classic blue denim jeans to bring in a casual look. To put together a party wear look, pair it up with trousers or a skirt or even with matching pants.

3 Pants -

from Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood stars and even the influencers are investing in a good pair of Satin pants. But what is so special in them, is what you ask? Well, let us explain. Satin is a fabric, which, if made in the right way, will keep you cool during summers and warm during winters. Satin pants can actually keep you comfortable on even the hottest days as they will allow the body heat to escape.

Other than being a super comfortable fabric, satin pants are one of our top recommendations as pants are a very smart clothing item. It goes without saying that pants make your legs look long and petite and beautiful. If you opt for satin pants, you will see a visible difference in your figure. The fall of satin fabric gives an elegant look. TheRealB’s Satin Straight Pants are one of the most well-tailored pants you will find.

Pants can be styled in a lot of ways. The best way of styling them is by wearing a simple top or blouse of satin or some other material. Bodysuits go well with pants like these. When paired with heels, pants make you look taller. With a clutch in hand and minimal jewellery, you can ace any pant look with ease.

4 Co-ord Sets -

Co-ord sets are the most trending style these days. That is also because they do not require much effort to style but look dressy. Co-ord sets are available in satin as well. But you have to choose a set for yourself that adds up to your beauty and suits your personality. TheRealB’s Wrap up blouse with Skirt Co-ord setis the one we recommend.

The blouse is designed to give liberty to the stylist as it can be styled in a lot of different ways. The skirt is intentionally made in a shade lighter than the top to break the monotone and bring in some colour blocking effect. This set is made from pure satin and feels lightweight and soft on your skin.

This outfit, in our opinion, is best for dinner dates or a girls-night-out. Pair it up with your favourite pair of heels, be it strappy heels or a chunky pair of stilettos. Wear a lot of chunky gold chains or for an elegant look you can go for heavy dangler earrings. Dress it up or dress it down according to your preference and taste but this set is sure to get you a lot of compliments every time you wear it. The top celebrities are vouching for this look, get a chance to twin with one of the celebrities.

5 Blazer -

Never had anybody imagined that a blazer could look so stylish and chic. Whenever we thought about blazers, we imagined something heavy and somewhat formal. But to change this thinking and to revamp the old impression of blazers, TheRealB is here to show you its very own and fashionable Satin Blazer. This blazer is everything a kimono and a shrug could never have been. The shine of the satin, the drape of it, the softness of the fabric and the lightweight feel of it, are what make it unique.

The butter yellow colour of the blazer is a universal colour that can be paired up with almost every colour of the outfit. Make your boring looks a little fun with this blazer. This blazer can look alluring when worn on formals or can be paired up with a dress to layer on top. Blazers like these can be worn to a party where you want to show-off your style. There are endless ways of styling this blazer but the best way is to style it in the way you feel the most comfortable and stylish in.

These were our top recommendations for satin. If these clothing pieces are part of your wardrobe then you can ace your satin game easily.

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